Monday, January 18, 2010

Interstitial Arts Foundation Reading: Ford, Johnson, Hernandez

Last Thursday the lobster and the canary enjoyed the Interfictions 2 reading co-hosted by the Interstitial Arts Foundation and the St. Mark's Bookshop in NYC.

Delia Sherman, co-editor of both Interfictions anthologies to date, introduced Jeffrey Ford, Alaya Dawn Johnson, and Carlos Hernandez, who then each read all or part of their stories in the latest collection.

The audience, which included Ellen Kushner, Nora Jemisin, and Ellen Datlow, was enthralled. The fricatives fricked and the plosives plosed, the eyes cut and widened, the hands rose and fell...each of us was with Ford as he described the "war between heaven and hell wallpaper," and we followed the layers of memory and meaning in Johnson's "The Score," and Hernandez transported us deep into interstitial places with his "quantum santeria."

For more on the Foundation and Interfictions, click here. For St. Mark's Bookshop, click here (and when in NYC, make sure you visit!).

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