Friday, January 29, 2010

Avercamp Would Have Loved The Weather Today

Winter has us in his grip here in New York City. Gulls streak like jets across the Hudson, driven by the wind-- against which, sparrows fat as tennis balls puff out their feathers in the shelter of tossing bushes.

Skaters will be out in force this weekend at the rinks in Bryant Park, Central Park, pocket parks throughout the city. Just like they were in Amsterdam and across the Netherlands in the 17th century, as captured by Hendrick Avercamp. The Rijksmuseum has mounted a major exhibition of Avercamp's work, on view now (click here for more).


EllenKushner said...

Ohhhh, to be in Amsterdam . . . . !

EllenKushner said...

Hey, wait! It's coming to our shores!!!

It will then appear at the National Gallery of Art in Washington from 21 March to 5 July 2010.