Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kianja Strobert at The Studio Museum Harlem

Kianja Strobert
Untitled, 2011  (Mixed media on paper; 30 × 22 in.;Collection of Zach Feuer)

Kianja Strobert evokes the deep energy, the stop/look/listen to your beating heart, the stillness of the Now.  Immerse yourself in her work, currently exhibited at The Studio Museum Harlem.  

Her own vocabulary, her own identity, with nods to Diebenkorn, Alston, Twombly, Thomas, Frankenthaler, Mitchell.

I especially love the title of her exhibition:  Of This Day In Time.

Brings me into what I call "Drop-Time."   I have summoned the Drop-Time in earlier Lobster & Canary entries:  Drop-Time,"the moment that is frozen in motion, simultaneously gliding and flying while having been lived once, in a specific blink or gasp, months or years or decades ago."

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