Sunday, June 2, 2013


Joan Snyder, Carmina (1995; oil, acrylic, herbs, cloth on canvas)

Snyder, My Life (1996; oil, straw, velvet, silk, plastic grapes on linen)

Snyder, Antiquarum Lacrimae (2004; acrylic, dried flowers on linen)

All images copyrighted to the artist, Joan Snyder; used here exclusively for purposes of commentary; no commercial use intended.

Struggling always to close the gap between the Me and the World...navigating towards an ever-receding membrane, an endless arc placidly retreating before and behind me...while I try to impress upon the tangent some small token of my Me, of my being, or at least my sentiments...

...pinning a relic or a flower just picked, it matters only that a sliver, a strand, the tiniest wisp is affixed, connected...

...which would mean (if only the world would hold still for just that one quiet moment) that some of me would become and remain part of the world...for every one else, forever...

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