Sunday, June 9, 2013

Diego Salazar Gallery Group Show

Deborah A. Mills & Daniel A. Rabuzzi (a.k.a Imps Etc.),
"Changeling Blocks, numbers 4-6: Baba Yaga, Coraline & Friends"  (2013)

The  Diego Salazar Gallery (Long Island City, NYC ) has a brilliant show running through June 15th, eclectic in style and media but unified in its dedication to exquisite execution and attention to beauty.   Lobster & Canary--in a departure from our norm--cannot claim to be an objective observer, since we have a collaborative piece in the show (the first three "changeling blocks," in our "not-quite-right toys" collection) and Deborah has two other pieces of her own also exhibited.  

All of the artists have studios in the building.  Painters, photographers, sculptors, collagists, glassworkers... styles ranging from the purely abstract to the most traditionally figurative...another common thread: a romanticist focus on reverie, a warm meditative spirit pervades the show...whether revealed in subtle arcs and swathes of muted color enclosing a darkness for introspection in the work of  Karen Mastriacovo, or in the gestural work of  Preston Trombly, with its delicate traceries over calm fields, in the surrealistic assemblages of  Caroline Golden (her work has a smile on its lips, even as it tries to keep a straight face!), or the esoterica and occult images of  Ragnar Lagerblad and of  Christian G. Brandner, in the super-saturated mysteries photographed by Steve McCurry or in the precise, intimate compositions of  Robert Badia, small checkered geometries overlaying forms of nostalgia.

Here is a small sampling from among many good things...noting also that the gallery space itself is a work of art (as always, the artists hold the copyright in their works; the images are shown here for purposes of commentary, not for commercial reasons):

Christian G. Brandner, "Painting # 00900" (2010)

Ann Leggett, "Manuel and Mortality" (1996)

Preston Trombly, "Imaginary Landscape with Red Ribbon" (2013)

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