Monday, October 8, 2012

The Indigo Pheasant blog tour continues

My blog tour to help launch The Indigo Pheasant continues.   You can read my guest posts here:

September 11:  Small Beer Press/ Not a Journal:  "A Raffle of Laughter on Solemn Occasions."  Click here.    

September 14:  Civilian Reader:  "The Fantastical 18th and 19th Centuries, or, Dragons Dancing at Almack's."  Click here

September 17:  Fantasy Book Critic:  "Go Ahead: Judge These Books By Their Covers."  Click here.

September 18:  Bibliophile Stalker:  "Seeking the Distant Hills Within."  Click here.

September 23:  Layers of Thought:  "A Picture-Show in the Night-Kitchen."  Click here.

[September 24:  That Artsy Reader Girl:  "A History of Wonder: Illustrating Yount."  Click here.   Written and illustrated by my wife and artistic collaborator, Deborah A. Mills].

September 27:  Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews:  "Illustrating Yount."  Click here.

September 28:  So Many Precious Books, So Little Time:  [A Give-Away Raffle for The Indigo Pheasant]   Click here.

October 3:  The World in the Satin Bag:  "The Palest of Copies: History, Culture, Empire and Fiction."  Click here.

October 3:  Bull Spec Blog:  "The Hardest Part."  Click here.

October 4:  Charlotte's Library:  "On Writing Historical Fantasy."  Click here

October 5:  The Cozy Reader:  "On Titles."  Click here..

Deborah & I have several more guest-posts to go.  Stay tuned.

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