Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee: Visual Arts in NYC This Fall

[Jocelyn Hobbie, Pilgrim]

[TM Davy, untitled]

[Louise Despont, moonface & his carrier birds]

[Dante Horoiwa, Distracted, We'll Win]

[Alex Gross, Discrepancies]

[Flor Echevarria, Torres]

[Hugo Martinez Rapari, La Tierra Sopla-Tormenta! Earth Blows: Sand Storm!]

[Fred Tomaselli, Big Raven (2008)]

First cool breezes off the Hudson, the first slants of sunshine in Central Park this weekend...fall is on its way.

Some exhibitions we are looking forward to this autumn in the city:

* Fred Tomaselli at the Brooklyn Museum.

* Miro at the Metropolitan, and also the Gossarts at ditto.

* At the MoMA: "On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century," which (per the museum website)"...explores the radical transformation of the medium of drawing throughout the twentieth century, a period when numerous artists subjected the traditional concepts of drawing to a critical examination and expanded the medium's definition in relation to gesture and form. In a revolutionary departure from the institutional definition of drawing, and from the reliance on paper as the fundamental support material, artists instead pushed line across the plane into real space, thus questioning the relation between the object of art and the world."

* The group show "Ain't I a Woman" at The Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Arts.

* Hugo Martinez Rapari, Flor Echevarria and others at Agora Gallery's "Masters of the Imagination" group show.

* Alex Gross at Jonathan Levine.

* Dante Horoiwa and others in RH Gallery's inaugural show, The Third Meaning.

* Louise Despont's House of Instruments show at Nicelle Beauchene.

* TM Davy at Eleven Rivington.

* Jocelyn Hobbie's "portraits of imaginary women" at Kerry Schuss.

And-- the lobster clacks his claws in anticipation, the canary whistles praise in advance!-- that just scratches the surface.

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