Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee: "Jackals & Vipers in Envy of Man"; "Pyracantha & Plum."

[Sixtoo, Jackals and Vipers in Envy of Man, Parts 2 & 4, released 2007]
Spring, with muggy airs and green, sprang over us this week...from a hint of snow on Tuesday, to temperatures yesterday in the eighties (Fahrenheit)...

The vicissitudes, les ondes... lobster and canary this week celebrated their 101st birthday... a time for reflection on the season(s)...threads of winter woven into the verdant explosion...last fall's leaf mold wrapping the roots of the budding bush...

As Jane Hirshfield writes in "Pyracantha and Plum":

"Last autumn's chastened berries still on one tree,
spring blossoms tender, hopeful, on another.
The view from this window
much as it was ten years ago, fifteen.
Yet it seems this morning
a self-portrait both clearer and darker,
as if while I slept some Rembrandt or Brueghel
had walked through the garden, looking hard."

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