Saturday, May 15, 2010

From Beyond Raging Seas, Comes The King-Herring

[DJ Krush & Shinichi Kinoshita, "Beyond Raging Waves"}

Last week a Giant Oarfish, also known as the King of the Herrings, washed up on a Swedish beach near the Norwegian border. The beast-- the first found in Sweden in 130 years-- was nearly 11 feet long.

The Giant Oarfish is the largest living bony fish, reaching 35 feet. Ten specimens washed up in Japan this spring. The Oarfish is usually found 650-3,200 feet below the surface.

Traditionally in Japan, sightings of the Oarfish were considered ominous. Many in Europe and Asia think stories of the "sea serpent" may stem from pelagic sightings of the Oarfish.

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