Thursday, February 4, 2010

Interstitial Arts Foundation: Ellen Kushner Updates

The lobster and canary are members of the Interstitial Arts Foundation's Working Group. Today the IAF President, Ellen Kushner sent an update full of positive news:

"What an amazing, astonishing, record-breaking year 2009 was for the IAF! We published a second anthology, Interfictions 2, which inspired a successful auction of original art, held salons across the country, and much more . . .

Thanks to a terrific Executive Board and Working Group of vibrant, dedicated volunteers, the IAF achieved more in 2009 than ever before:

* Developed our new website.
* Established an active social media network, including over 1,100 Facebook members and hundreds of Twitter followers.
* Brought together artists of all types at interstitial salons across the U.S., from New York to Los Angeles to Maine.
* Published Interfictions 2, which was selected as one of the Best Books of 2009 by, and the online Annex.
* Brought the work of talented artists to the attention of the public through the Interfictions Auction.The IAF Salon & Reading in Second Life
* Hosted Interfictions 2 reading & music events in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Francisco.
* Hosted a groundbreaking virtual salon and Interfictions 2 reading in Second Life.


The IAF’s 2010 Wish List:

* Post regular news, reviews, events, and promotion of interstitial artists and their work.
* Establish a forum for interstitial artists to exchange ideas, collaborate, network, and brainstorm.
* Create an online art gallery.
* Feature guest bloggers on a regular basis.
* Organize an interstitial art symposium.
* Begin work on Interfictions 3.
Generate a wider engagement with the interstitial arts community through co-sponsored events with other artists & organizations.
* Hold more salons in towns across the U.S. & in Europe (Please visit our new How to Host an IAF Salon page!)

What would you like to see the IAF doing or promoting in 2010? What else can we do to make more of an impact, and to build a greater interstitial arts community?

Please visit the IAF's 2010 Wish List blog post where you can add your ideas to the mix!

Want to volunteer to help make something happen? Please contact us via the IAF website."

For more information on the IAF, click here.

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