Sunday, May 19, 2013

Unique Gestures, Already Pre-Determined

Johannes Vermeer, Lady In Blue Reading A Letter (c. 1662-'65)

I am fascinated by the emerging field of Big Data, and the data mining/analysis that proceeds from the ever larger sets of statistics we gather.  Just when you think you are truly individualistic, you discover that you are but one point on a curve, acting in accordance with the laws of large crowds.  Disconcerting.

How to reconcile the individual and our preciously random actions, with the story told by the trends plotted across millions and now billions of us?

The private and personal, of import only to the reader and the writer (what is the Lady thinking?), juxtaposed with the geometries of collection and the analytics of abstraction (the map on the wall was Big Data in Vermeer's time).

Something I muse on... more to come in future blog posts...

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