Sunday, April 7, 2013

"The Inexistent Plausible": Parrot Libraries, Toucan Theaters / J.F. Rauzier; Sergio Vega

J. F. Rauzier, Bibliotheques ideales (two from a series, 2012?) [images copyright Rauzier; non-commercial fair use intended here].

Last Sunday we mulled over the legacy of Lebbeus Woods, the visionary architect of spaces that might-be-but-have-not-yet-been-built.  Riffing further on this theme-- the exploration of the Lands Between, sketching out the vedute ideale, limning what Paulo Herkenhoff calls the "inexistent plausible"-- I offer today samples of Rauzier's "hyperphotos."

For more on Rauzier, click here.

...and then we need to join Sergio Vega on his tireless search for what he calls "the edenic stage," the strange paradise at the heart of an ambiguity just beyond the next curve in the boulevard, proclaimed with buoyant charm on travel brochures and the facings of airline tickets.

Vega, Banana Building (date?)  [Image copyright Vega; non-commercial fair use intended here}

As Vega puts matters during his quest:

"It seems plausible that the next trend in architecture will openly embrace shamanistic strategies. After all, it has already done it in a somewhat restrained manner. In the near future we may come to see a bizarre array of organic buildings acquiring the status of natural specimens. Parrot color-chart architecture, banana institutional buildings, pineapple churches, crocodilian houses, snake promenades, toucan theaters, orchid subway stations, etc. If in the process, all species end up being represented, cities could become entire inventories of the natural kingdom and the whole of the modern world a monumental paradise."

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