Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moebius Soars On

A Lobster & Canary reader reminded me the other day that we failed to note the passage of Moebius, one of the most influential artists of the past fifty years. Moebius (the pen-name for Frenchman Jean Giraud) died last month. Lobster & Canary fell instantly in love with Moebius's work at the appearance of the first American editions of the pioneering magazine he co-founded, Metal Hurlant, known on our shores as Heavy Metal. Above all, we love the idiosyncratic wanderer, Arzach, soaring over eccentric landscapes on his faithful pterodactyl. Moebius worked on many fantasy/science fiction touchstones of the late 20th century, ranging from Alien to The Silver Surfer. His influence is pervasive throughout the speculative genres (I suspect he also has a following among urban planners, architects, and clothing designers). Learn more here, here, and here. Soar on, Moebius.

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