Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Arts Preview in NYC: Neely, Ventura, Holmes, and More

The fall arts season has begun here in New York City: the usual horn of plenty spilling out its wonders, far more offerings than any one of us could see!

Some shows the lobster & canary have their eyes on:

--- Anne Neely, Aglow (2011)

The Neely show at Lohin Geduld in Chelsea. Judging from the gallery website, this is a series of luminous landscapes, drawing one into enchantment. (See our November 25, 2010 entry for our last review of a Lohin Geduld exhibition, the Laura Battle show).

--- Tom Holmes, untitled Program (feathers red yellow green blk) (2011)

The Holmes show at Bureau on Henry Street (Lower East Side), entitled Painted Bones-Some Reliquaries. The title alone draws us.

--- Jackie Saccoccio, Left Portrait (2011)

Saccoccio, with Andrew Gbur and Keltie Ferris, at Eleven Rivington (LES).

--- Paolo Ventura, Behind the Walls #3 (2011)

The amazing Ventura, once again at Hasted Kraeutler in Chelsea (we reviewed his last show there, Winter Stories, in January 2010). This one is called The Automaton of Venice, and we are already immersed in his miniature fantasy world...which brings to mind Benjamin's Passagenwerke, the labyrinths of Borges, the languid melancholia of Zweig, the wanderings of Sebald.

--- Sarah Walker, Masses and Forces (2010)

Walker, with fellow abstract painters Douglas Melini and Gary Petersen, at McKenzie Fine Art in Chelsea (whose shows we have described on several occasions). Explorations of geometry compressed, tangled and skewed.

Just a few leaves in a forest! Plus, of course, all the coming attractions at the museums, e.g., the Ingres show at the Morgan, the Goddess/Mother in Indian painting at the Metropolitan, the Spirals show at the Studio Museum in Harlem (the Norman Lewis paintings look particularly intriguing), and others.

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