Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee: Erik Mohr's Chizine Design; Deathly Hallows "Three Brothers" Animation

* Erik Mohr is the immensely talented creative director & designer who is responsible for the beauty of the books Toronto-based Chizine Publications produces (CZP is owned and run by Sandra Kasturi and Brett Savory). Full disclosure: CZP published my novel The Choir Boats, the cover of which Mohr designed based on original art made by Deborah A. Mills. So, this is an unashamed plug for a colleague!

This week Mohr put up on his Facebook page all the CZP covers he has done-- a handsome sight.

If you sign in to Facebook, plug in this URL and you will see the covers:!/album.php?aid=2008405&id=1493778832

For more on Mohr, click here. For CZP, click here. For Mills, click here.

* Enjoyed The Deathly Hallows, Part I this week...was most struck by the 3-minute animated "Tale of Three Brothers" segment...beautiful, shadowy puppet-like Swiss animator Ben Hibon...he is slated to direct a new version of Peter Pan...

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