Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wayside gems: Megan Cump at Station Independent Projects (LES, NYC)

Megan Cump, Black Moon, installation view, at Station Independent Projects (NYC)

Cump, untitled (fox)

Cump, untitled (white deer)
[All images copyrighted to Megan Cump; non-commercial use intended here]

One of the many joys of New York City is coming upon gems in the less frequented byways.   This morning I came across a lovely small gallery--Station Independent Projects-- nestled among apartment buildings on Suffolk Street just below Houston on the Lower East Side.

Inside, perfectly arranged and curated, is a show called Black Moon by Megan Cump.  The individual images are mesmerizing, and the overall effect leaves one with the sense of having been someplace else, a place you cannot quite remember, while you stand blinking on the side of the road at dawn.

For more on the gallery, click here.    For more on Cump, click here.

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